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Top Brand XIAOMI Smart Electric Heater APP Control Fast Dual Security Protection In Home Bathroom IPX4 Waterproof Heaters Warmer

MIJIA Smart Electric Heater Main Features


*  2200W strong power, heat up quickly.
*  IPX4 is splash-proof and can be used in the bathroom.
*  Efficient aluminum heating element, super heat dissipation.
*  Intelligent constant temperature design, comfortable and power saving.
*  Convection heating, no hot feeling.
*  A variety of intelligent controls, convenient control.
*  Six preset temperatures.
*  Integrated drying rack.

                   Detailed parameters

MIJIA Smart Electric Heater
More warmth, just touch the screen
Intelligent and comfortable control
2200W convection rapid heating
can be used in bedrooms and bathrooms.
Multiple intelligent controls, control anytime, anywhere.
MIJIA APP remote control
It can be turned on and off from the outside,
and MIJIA APP can be turned on and off remotely.
You can control the temperature in your home anytime
and anywhere outside, remotely controlled by APP,
and can be linked with other smart products in your home.
18-28℃ six levels can be adjusted,
Meet your personal heating needs.
MIJIA smart heater can be adjusted at 18-28°C (18/20/22/24/26/28°C)
in six levels and supports four-speed (1/3/5/9H)
timing to meet the private heating needs of different people.
18-28℃ six-speed adjustment
1/3/5/9H four-speed timing
The desired temperature always exists, intelligent constant temperature,
comfortable and energy-saving.
Built-in intelligent temperature control system,
when the ambient temperature is lower than the preset temperature,
it will automatically continue heating; tookfun.
when the ambient temperature reaches the preset temperature,
the power will be automatically reduced or the heating will be stopped,
warm and comfortable, and very smart and energy-saving.
It's hot when you open it, and it heats up quickly, so you refuse to wait long.
The high power of 2200W can heat up quickly.
Longji-type array aluminum heating element,
which can heat immediately after power on, and high-efficiency heat conversion.
74 high-efficiency aluminum heating elements,
About 4800cm² large heat dissipation area
Tips for keeping warm.
To use the electric heater, it is recommended to turn on the maximum gear first,
and close the doors and windows to warm the room. tookfun.
After 20-30 minutes, adjust it according to your actual needs. Better effect
Notes on the usable area
The height and enclosure of the room will affect the heating effect;
the limitation of the room's thermal performance, the roof,
large glass doors and windows,tookfun.
or areas that are too cold will all affect the heating effect.
Cold areas, roofs, shaded surfaces, large glass doors and windows.
It is recommended to use 15-20 square meters,
and rooms with good heat preservation performance can reach 25 square meters or more.
Two-way heat dissipation, natural convection, heating fills the entire room.
Heat the local air in the house,tookfun.
thereby producing the convective effect of the hot air rising and
the cold air falling, and driving the air circulation heating in the house,
The wide front vents and top vents make the whole room and close to heating very warm.
Distinguish the noise and discomfort caused by air conditioning,
The circulation forms convective hot air,
which radiates in both directions from the top and the sides,
which is softer and less dry than the air conditioner.
No wind blowing, reducing dryness
The wide cooling vent, heat up faster.
Optimized the radiating port, larger size. The temperature rises faster,
and the warmth first reaches the knees that are afraid of the cold,
and will quickly fill the entire room.
Considerate care, warm and safer.
IPX4 splash-proof water, can also be used in the bathroom.
Overheat protection, power off when dumped.tookfun.
The design of the Child Lock prevents accidents.
It is recommended to use a wall socket to reduce the risk of overload.
Small and flexible body, integrated drying rack design,
Simple and practical, not only beautiful in appearance,
but also very convenient to move.tookfun.
The integrated lightweight drying rack can load 1.5kg and can dry clothes while heating.
Packing list
Electric heater body×1
Screw × 4
Screwdriver × 1
Trial manual×1


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