Safety Door Children Infant Baby Pet Fence Bar Isolation Door

Color: A 66-74cm


Safety Door Children Infant Baby Staircase Pet Fence Dog Fence Bar Isolation Door Free Installation Durable and Professional

  1. Protect the happy childhood by isolating all kinds of danger. No holes need to be perforated, bi-directional switch, double locks, adult opening in few seconds.
  2. The door is divided into A (65-74cm), B (75-84cm), please choose the one you need. Suitable for a variety of scenes and 24 hours to cut off home danger.
  3. Isolate baby to prevent falling from building, the door guardrail can prevent the baby from falling off the floor. 210 degree large angle two-way open, both two directions can be pushed open to facilitate access.
  4. Constant opening device, easy to go in and out. Separate the naughty pet in the house to prevent pets from running around. Creative unlocking design avoids the mistaken opening of children.
  5. Why use a door guardrail? First, more bacteria close to pets; Second, it's easy to fall down in the staircase; Third, the baby makes a mess with things in the house;
  6. Strong and tough ABS materials, which do not contain BPA (bisphenol A), do not contain heavy metals and harmful benzene compounds, odorless, and take care of every member of the family.
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