Rattan High Wall Severing Tray

Size: 24cm


Rattan Storage Tray Round Basket with Handle Hand-Woven Rattan Tray Wicker Basket Bread Fruit Food Breakfast Display

--Made of rattan, the basket is safe, non-toxic, odorless , eco-friendly, and durable.

--The basket is woven by hand. Thus,it doesnt deform easily and can be used for a long time.

--Equipped with handle, the hand-woven round basket is easily used and stored.

--The basket is multifunctional and has large storage capacity. It can be used to store bread, fruit, snack and so on.
Of course, you can also hold other small things

--Material: rattan, wood
--Features: with handle, hand-woven
--Color: brown
--Weight: 130g
--Height (approximately): 6.5 cm (with handle)
--Size (approximate): diameter 24 cm / 9.45 inches
--Package list: Woven Basket*1

Packing list

--Package list: Woven Basket*1

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