Baby Bed Organizer Hanging Bags

Color: Gray


Orzbow Baby Bed Organizer Hanging Bags For Newborn Crib Diaper Storage Bags Baby Care Organizer Infant Bedding Nursing Bags

Orzbow multifunctional bed hanging storage bags can be equipped with baby clothes, baby care products,baby bed linen, urine pads, baby bottles, tissue box toys, etc.

Storage bags can be freely combined

Detachable into 3 hanging bags,can also be combined,suitable for wardrobe, wall and other scenes.

Two suspension modes

Innovative design Hook and braid with two suspensions for all types of cribs.100% Fit!!!

More Details

01.Double bottle storage thermal insulation bag 02.multifunctional net layout bag,Can store some small items

03.Side storage bag can store baby clothes for easy ccess 04.Diaper storage bag it uses zipper design to prevent diapers from moisture and ash falling

No fading after Washing

Digital printing technology fabric, no fading after Washing


The Blue

The bule

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