Creative Hand Sanitizer Bottle Ceramic Soap Dispenser

Color: 420ml


Nordic creative hand sanitizer bottle Hand-painted ceramic lotion bottle soap dispenser Hotel clubhouse bathroom decoration

1. Kitchen soap dispenser pump is the perfect 2-in-1 solution for your sink. 
2. It dispenses liquid soap with ease and features a built-in nook for keeping a scrub pad (like the one included), or your favorite kitchen sponge, easily accessible 
2.The liquid soap dispenser is made with a heavier ceramic that allows you to dispense soap using only one hand without it toppling over. 
3.  Keep it in the kitchen as a dish soap dispenser with built-in dish sponge holder, or in the bathroom as a hand soap or lotion dispenser with built-in storage for hair elastics, bobby pins and even jewelry. 

Type: Lotion bottle
Applicable places: hotel / bathroom
Gift object: family / friends / colleagues / leadership

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