Halloween Party Safe White Walkers Mask Non-Toxic Harmless Cosplay Game Of Thrones

Color: 1


Halloween Party Safe White Walkers Mask Non-Toxic Harmless Universal Cosplay Night Game Of Thrones Mask King Latex Mask 2020 Hot


The product we use is natural imported environmentally friendly latex, 100% environmentally-friendly pure latex, with a little odor after coloring, which is normal, and it can be ventilated for a few days.
All new latex production masks are. There will be a smell of latex and glue. Place it in a ventilated place to remove the smell. Be careful! If you are allergic to latex, please do not use it.

Material: Latex
Size: one size adult
It can be worn comfortably by men, women and children, and weighs about 230 grams

packing list:
1*latex mask

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