Feather Printing Carbon Fiber Super Light Badminton Rackets

Color: White


Feather Printing Carbon Fiber Super Light 8U 62g Badminton Rackets G5 Max Tension 32LBS Racquet With Bags Strings Racket Sports

Product Description

 Weight - 8U Net weight only 62-65g without the string & overgrip & plastic film,anyone can control the racket effortless ;
CARBON FIBER - he racket more lighter but stronger , so the tension can up to 32LBS,suitable the begining and the profesional player ;
BALANCE OF THE RACKET -  Racket have the best balance of weight&power  ,so the racket can easly to break out the power and make the offensive can`t be stop.
FREE SERVICE - We can offer the free service of string and the overgrip,so you can play immediately when you get the racket.

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