Child Pretend Cutting Cake Toy



Free collocation
The small accessories on the bread can be disassembled, and the baby can freely match and make his own cakes.
This set of toys can be used for role-playing to enhance parent-child relationship through playing with children and share food with babies
Fruit cake stickers
Equipped with exquisite fruit cake inner layer stickers, and after cutting the cake, the content is also wonderful.
Velcro section
Use Velcro, which can be used repeatedly, so that your baby can exercise his hands and brain while having fun.
Fun accessories
Cute cartoon accessories, matched with warm macaron color, it gives you an exquisite toy. It is an interesting set for your baby.

Item Type: birthday cake toy
Material: plastic
Color: as shown
Quantity: 1 set
Diameter: 15cm/5.9inch
Net Weight: 180.8g/6.38oz

1 birthday cake toy set





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