Butterfly Flyman Old-Fashioned Metal Sewing Machine

Color: A


Butterfly/Flyman old-fashioned home sewing machine head, metal material, home pedal desktop sewing machine, bee color machine

A: Single nose of trapeze

B: Butterfly single head

C: Flying blue single head

D: Butterfly blue single head

E: Flying machine head + DC motor

F: Butterfly head + DC motor

G: Bee head + DC motor

H: Flying blue head + DC motor

I: Butterfly blue head + DC motor

J: Bee head

The old-fashioned machine head is suitable for old-fashioned sewing machines such as Flying Man, Butterfly, Bee, West Lake, Standard, Peony and Qianjin. As long as your rack is an old-fashioned pedal, the size is universal! The machine head can be added with a motor, and the pedals are electric and dual-purpose. It can be easily replaced by changing the belt during use!

Wide range of use, thin and thick all-you-can-eat.

Applicable to all kinds of fabrics: woolen fabrics, cotton fabrics, thin fabrics, chiffon fabrics, denim fabrics, cotton-filled materials, etc.

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