Back Body Joint Pain Relief Memory Form Paded Cushion



Back Hip Body Joint Pain Relief Thigh Leg Pad Cushion Home Memory Foam Memory Cotton Leg Pillow Sleeping Orthopedic Sciatica


Weight: 0-0.5 kg


Material: Cotton

Details: Heart-shaped concave surface - fit the radian of the leg, decompression
Downhill design, easier

Fitting the leg shape and heightening the flank design: fixed legs, not easy to slip
The function of memory foam core:
Heat dissipation and ventilation: (the arrangement of the memory foam cells can dissipate heat and ventilate, so that the temperature in the pillow can be evenly dispersed)
Close-fitting decompression (slow rebound memory foam, fit the neck area, avoid muscle pressure)
If it is soft to the touch (skin-friendly, soft, comfortable and sleepy)
Smooth zipper (easy to remove and wash, smooth to pull, durable)
Pure white jacquard fabric (soft, breathable, comfortable, skin-friendly, easy to clean)
1. Soothing: Relieve local tension and promote blood circulation.
2. Portable and compact
3. COMFORT: Memory foam on top of the elastic foam base provides higher comfort.

Material: Vent memory foam


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