Spring Power Twister Bar For Arm & Triceps Workout

Size: 20KG


Arm Training Chest Strength Spring Power Twister Bar Arm Workout Triceps Equipment Power Wrist Fitness Muscle Exercise Rod

Name: Arm Training Chest Strength Spring Power Twister Bar
Color: black
material: ABS
Power Level:30KG/40KG/50KG
Used for: arm muscle exercise
Category: Portable Fitness Equipment
Hand Gripper Strongs
  • Whole body upper body exercise equipment-This highly versatile upper body exercise equipment provides significant resistance and various exercises and isometric support, making exercise fun and gaining gain. Move your handle along the proprietary long handle design, which can withstand a variety of resistance levels, from 66 lbs (30 kg) to 110 lbs (50 kg).
  • You can easily get some strength training representatives without performing a complete routine operation of the gym. Perform a killer chest exercise, penalize deltoids, back and shoulder exercises, and build your biceps with the ultimate home arm exercise equipment.
  • Efficient arm isometric training, improve shoulder strength, increase stability, injury recovery and prevention, reduce pain, and enhance physical function.
  • Sometimes referred to as a torque bar, walnut bar or chest spring bar,  creates unique and effective resistance by keeping the muscles under constant tension for isotonic and isotonic strength and endurance exercises.
  • The durable spring bar, high-quality structure and comfortable rubber handle make you feel the quality.

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