Pressure Cooker with Induction Base Gas Cooker

Capacity: 2.2 L


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Aluminum Kitchen Pressure Cooker 16-20cm Gas Cooker Universal Cooking Energy Saving Safety Explosion-proof Pressure Cooker

1. Safe opening Humanized handle design, safe and firm, anti-skid, heat resistance is stronger!
2. Safety closure Sealing Aprons to Prevent Gas Emission in Use
3. Close self-locking valve When the lid of the pot is opened and closed, a click sound will be emitted, indicating that the lock is ready for use.
4. Safety pressure limiting valve Double safety device, new automatic stop, no pressure relief can not boil
5. Safety blockade The bottom of the exhaust pipe has a blockage-proof cover, which can pass through the rice dregs and blockage-proof exhaust pipe.
6. Increase the design of safety valves
If the exhaust pipe is blocked beyond the safety limit, the safety valve will give an alarm.
7. Pressure relief safety window
When no one is on duty, the safety window as the bottom protection barrier will immediately relieve the pressure.
8.U shaped pan bottom
Uniform heating, non-sticky physical, safe and non-toxic, durable
9. Whistle for the Pressure Cooker comes with it and kept inside the white foam for safety. Please remember to take it out before you discard the packaging



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