10KG Cereal Rice Bucket Division Insect and Moisture Proof Storage Box



Secure 10KG of your favorite cereal in this daring Rice Bucket Division; insect and moisture-proof, an intrepid storage box for whole grain adventures!

Material: food grade PP, environmental protection, non-toxic and tasteless

Size: 38x32.4x14.4cm/15x12.8x5.7

It can be placed horizontally and can be hung on the wall

5-storey partition, clear classification

10kg large capacity, all grain can be stored

Pour out the old grain first

Food grade PP, environmental protection, non-toxic and tasteless

Easy to install, easy to see

1. At the horizontal position of the back plate, mark the four holes with a marking pen

2. Remove the back plate to ensure that the four holes are clearly positioned

3. Use a 6mm drill bit to align and locate holes

4. Drive expansion screws into 4 holes

5. Screw the screw into the hole

6. Align and fix the slot on the back of the rice barrel and insert it completely


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