Silicone Ice Cream Mold Maker Cube

Color: 10 Holes Red


[Product]: Cake Mold

[Material]: Silicone

[Color]: Red,White,Pink


10 Holes: 23*15*10cm (9*5.9*3.9inch)

4 Holes: 14.5 *10*9cm (5.7*3.93*3.54inch)

10 Holes Ice cream mould

1. pour the prepared ice cream liquid 2. put it flat in the refrigerator and freeze it 3. frozen ice cream,remember to put in on the table for a while ,so easy to take out 4. Looking at homemade delicious ice cream , the kind of pride and happiness ,feeling arises spontaneousyly

correct ice cream method

1. let the frozen ice cream stand on the table ,face for a while 2. Gently lick the ice cream,box handle tightly , gently take it out of the mold ,rear grip lower box handle ,light gently take it oout of the mold 3. Diy deliciousice cream

1. Food grade silicone ice cream mold , non-toxic and odorless,easy to demould 2. single ice cube is ablut 100ML 3.Food grade silicone meterial,Non-toxic and tasteless,feel free to contact food 3. 10 Hole ice boxes,a lot if output,eat one at a time ,enough ,built in diy fruit silces 4. Soft silicone ,just press the bottom gently whit a push,the popsicle came out

4 Holes Ice cream mould

1.Food grade platinum silicone meterial non-toxic and odorless 2.soft.elastic,twist resistant,no cracking and no deformation 3.cold resistance,high temperature resistance,freezing and heating without hindrance,long service life 4. the meterial is soft,easy to demould and is conducive to forming popsicle ice cream,take it out well

Ice cream delicous tutorial

1.prepare all raw meterials 2.srit the raw meterials into paste 3.pour into the mold,freeze 4 smaa just above the amout of sugar,the mold is soft,it is recommended that the mold be placed on a flat bottomed ,plate or baking tray and poured into batter for easy freezing in the refrigerator

4 Holes and 6 Holes

Handle : PP Material Ice Mold: Silicone Material

9 Holes

With The Silicone Cover

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