Rechargeable Electric Foot File Callus Remover

Color: Golden


Rechargeable Electric Foot File Callus Remover Machine Pedicure Device Foot Care Tools Feet For Heels Remove Dead Skin display

> Ergonomic design, easy to hold and use.
> Made of superior material, it is reliable and durable to use.
> LED display Power status display.
> Speed adjustable, you can easily to control its speed as your request, fast or slow, more convenient.
> No need battery, Turn on switch, you can use it directly.
> Safer and more effective than metal scrapers and easier to use than a pumice stone.
> Suitable for all kinds of people. You don't have to be embarrassed to expose your toes and feet anymore. 

Item Type:Electric Foot Grinder
Input Voltage/current:5V/1A
Batter capacity:1200mAh
Load Speed:1700-2000RPM
Charging time: 3 hours
Using time: 90 minutes

Product Include: 
1pcs x Electric Foot Grinder
1pcs x Power Cord
1pcs x cleaning brush,
1pcs x Fine head
1pcs x Medium
1pcs x Coarse head
1pcs x User Manual

1.Using the product
Charging method
Note: please fully charge before using this product for the first time
Charging steps: insert one head of USB cable into the charging hole of the body, connect the other end to the phone charger or computer USB jack, etc And the charging indicator light will be on.Charging will be completed in about 3 hours,and the indicator light will stop flashing(Charging time should not exceed 12 hours)

Assemble and remove grinding head
Replace the grinding head according to the following operation.The grinding head can be selected and replaced according to the roughness of the skin and the expected effect.
Before replacing the grinding head, make sure the power supply is disconnected and the machine is shut down.
1.use one hand to hold the head of product and the other hand to press the grinding head replacement button. Then the grinding head will be opened and removed.
2. When replacing the grinding head, put a new grinding head into the product until you hear the sound of "click"Make sure that the newly installed grinding head has in place. If the grinding head is not connected well, do not press the product button.
Note: when opening the package, 1 grinding head has been installed on the body.

This product is designed for use on dry and rough feet or heel skin
not on other parts of the body.
1. Ensure sufficient power of the product.
2. Make sure the quartz grinding head is installed in this product.
if removing and replacing the grinding head, please refer to the usage preparation in the previous section.
3. Clean or soften the skin and dry the applied area to ensure the best results.
Note: Do not use if there are cuts or bleeding on the skin
4. Press the switch
5.Gently hold the grinding head to stay in the dry and rough skin area for 2-3 seconds. Do not press too tightly, and let the grinding head gently across the skin. If press too tight, force too much. this product will stop using. You can stop to check if the exfoliation is satisfactory during use, if not, you can use it to this area again,until the skin is smooth and delicate.
Warming: Do not use the callus remover immediately if the skin becomes painful or inflamed.
Warning: Do not apply to any part of the skin for more than 2-3 seconds.
6. Please tum off the product after use
7. Rinse skin or use a wet towel to remove excess cutin.
8. Clean the product after use. See the cleaning section.
9. Please keep the product in a dry and ventilated shady place.

1. Remove the grinding head and clean the cutin in the callus remover with cleaning brush.
2. The grinding head can be cleaned with water separately to remove the cutin in the grinding head. After finishing wipe the machine with a cloth and dry it. The machine whole body can be washed.
3. Note: the product must be off and make sure that it is disconnected with the charging cable and socket.
Three kinds of grinding head
Fine grinding head: suitable for calluses, dead skin and delicate skin care.
Medium grinding head: suitable for newly formed calluses and normal skin care.
Rough grinding head: suitable for years of accumulation of thick cocoon and thicker skin care.

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