Persian Style Carpets Rug Luxury Home Decor Rugs

Color: 1
Size: 80x120cm


New Persian Style Carpets For Living Room Bedroom Rug Luxury Home Decor Carpets Coffee Table Floor Mats Hotel Hallway Area Rugs

Item Description:
Style: Luxury palace carpet
Material: Polyester(very soft and valuable)
Conversion: 1 cm = 0. 393 inch, 1 inch=2.54cm
Thickness: 0.8mm
Wash:machine wash and hand wash
Size : 40x60CM, 60x90CM, 80x120CM, 80x 160CM, 140x200CM, 160x230CM, 180x280CM, 200x300CM(we could make the size for you)
Character : Strong water absorption, no floating hair, Breathable
Applicable places : hall, living room, conference room, entrance hall, study room, hall, bedroom,


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