Pretend Play Doctor Set Nurse Injection Medical Kit Role Play for Children

Color: Dentist


Product Description

Description: 1. New high quality. 2. Play the role for the child through this doctor's suit and carrying case. 3. Modern, elegant and stylish. Durable and practical toys, children have fun and safety. 4. Provide a perfect way to alleviate your child's anxiety about the doctor's visit. 5. Develop motor skills, imagination, creativity, self-expression and logical perception. 6. Unconsciously affecting children: hand-eye coordination, object recognition, character behavior, parent-child interaction, cultivating interest, and meticulous exercise. 7. Help children learn more about doctors and some medical knowledge. 8. Through the role of the game, children can participate in adult life in a hypothetical situation, enabling them to benefit from the experience and understanding of the adult world. 9. Provide children with very high-quality role-playing props, use their valuable experience to play doctors and nurse, and indirectly overcome the baby's fear of injections.

Product Information

Product Name: Kids Doctor Toys Age Range: > 3 years old Size: 22*14.5*14 CM Weight: 0.7kg Material: High Quality Wood + Safe Water paint + Cloth bag


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