Inflatable Seat Donut Round Ring Seat Cushion Pillow

Color: Red



Inflatable Vinyl Ring Round Seat Cushion Medical Hemorrhoid Pillow Donut Free Pump Rubber Inflatable Seat Pad 34*12 cm
100% brand new and high quality.
Easy to operate, easy to use, suitable for a variety of occasions, and have a better experience
The product has good elasticity and is well ventilated and durable.
PVC , plush fabrics, beautiful and durable.

Product name: Inflatable  Cushion
Color:Red,Green, Blue,Dark Blue,Brown
Size:(About) 34 * 12 cm

For people:
For long-term bed rest and body leaner
1, disabled people in a wheelchair, prone to hemorrhoids, use the air cushion to isolate the buttocks and seat to avoid hemorrhoids
2, long-term desk work, use the computer, use the air cushion, can reduce the feeling of hip compression, sit a day does not feel tired.
3. Protect the fracture site of the tailbone.

According to the needs of different parts of the patient, the air cushion is inflated and placed under the corresponding part, the pressure of the part is transferred, the pain of the patient is alleviated, and the treatment requirements of the doctor can be met.

Package Included:
1PC * Inflatable Cushion
1PC * Inflator


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