Hand Carved Adjustable Wooden Base Himalayan Crystal Rock Salt Lamp



Hand Carved Adjustable Wooden Base Himalayan Crystal Rock Salt Lamp with Dimmer Switch UL-Listed 6ft Cord 5-7Lbs

HAND CARVED CRAFTSMANSHIP¨C5-7Lbs(2-3KG) and 7-9inch for each,Come with Wood Base,1bulb and 1 6ft Dimmable Switch Cord, Each of our purifying salt lamps are crafted by hand to perfectly capture the salt¡¯s natural shape and colors. This makes each of them one-of-a-kind decorative pieces for rustic home decor for a home office or home bar.
SOFT, WARM GLOW ¨C Our modern lamps give off a calming natural glow that¡¯s easy on the eyes and helps bathe a room in natural colors, and it doesn¡¯t need a lamp shade! It¡¯s perfect as a hobby lamp for a craft room, desk lamp for your office, or student lamp for a dorm.
AIR PURIFYING IONS ¨C  salt rock lamps are designed to emit naturally air purifying ions that help reduce allergens while reducing stress and increasing healthy, natural energy levels, making it the perfect home decor for your living room.
BEAUTIFUL HOME D¨¦COR ¨C Beyond the positive health benefits, our bedside lamps can be used to add a natural touch to a living space, create a romantic mood for quiet evenings, or even as a nightlight or nursery lamp for children¡¯s bedrooms. Also Great Memorable Gift Idea for Birthday, Wedding, Anniversary and Christmas.


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