Indoor Outdoor Swing Leisure Chair Hammock

Color: 1


Chair for Leisure Hanging Basket Wicker Single Rocking Household Lazy Hammock Indoor Balcony Garden Small Cradle Chair  Patio


Style orientation: Artistic style

Popular element: Metal, rattan, master design

Origin: Mainland China


2) Product Features:

a.The solid wood feels fine and smooth, the surface is smooth, the hand feels fine, strong and strong, comfortable and breathable.


b.Thick rattan, compact structure, strong load-bearing, durable.


c.The load-bearing capacity is up to 600 catties, and the force is drawn to the large base, balanced and dispersed, and the load-bearing stability is stable.


d.Silent bearings are used at the fixed corners, so there will be no abnormal noise when shaking and rotating.

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