Stainless Steel Automatic 12 inch Roti Maker



Stainless Steel Automatic 12 inch Rotimatic Roti Maker non-stick chapati tortilla roti maker with temperature control buttonMachine parameters:

Name: Roti maker

Model: RT-012C

Power: 2000W
Dimensions : 278*201*162MM

Material: stainless steel

machine information
 *12inch "Non-stick coating plates                        
 *Brushed stainless steel housing                        
* Plastic press handle                                    
*Non-stick coating plates for easy cleaning
 *Stand upright for compact storage         
  *Power and Ready light indicator                              
 *Cord-wrap for storage                                              
*AC 220-240V, 50-60Hz, 2000W                        
  *AC 120V,  50-60Hz, 2000W                                          

machine pictures:



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