Ergonomic Kneeling Chair Stool Rocking Wooden

Color: Black


Original Ergonomic Kneeling Chair Stool Home Office Furniture Ergonomic Rocking Wooden Kneeling Computer Posture Chair


Ergonomically designed to promote correct postures.
Durable wooden frame, allowing maximum support.
Arched base frame allows the user to shift positions or rock back and forth when desired.
Contemporary fabric and polyurethane foam providing comfortable seating.
Once seated, position your hips so that your back remains upright.
Natural Finish
Need Assembled ( Easily)
Weight Capacity: 150KGS

       When positioned properly, your back, shoulders, and neck should align. The rounded corners at the front and back end of the frame allow for an enjoyable rocking motion.Our kneeling chairs are perfect for home and/or office use. Whether you're at the computer, watching television, or practicing meditation, correct posture is always encouraged!



Frame - Beechwood

Seat - Sponge, Microfiber Luxurious Fabric


KN03 (5)


TA93 (2)TA93  

KN03 (2)KN03 (3)KN03 (4)KN03 (5)KN03 (6)KN03 (7) 

KN03 (6) 

KN03 (8) 

KN03 (1) 

KN03 (1) 

KN03 (2) 




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