Baby Girl Dress Princess Party Dress

Color: pink
Size: 9M


Baby girl dress baby princess dress party dress costume baby first birthday party dress baby girl toddler dress


Size Information
Size 70bust=52CM,waist=50CM,length=45CM
Size 80bust=54CM,waist=52CM,length=49CM
Size 90bust=56CM,waist=54CM,length=63CM
Size 100bust=58CM,waist=56CM,length=57CM
Size 110bust=60CM,waist=57CM,length=60CM
Size 120bust=64CM,waist=60CM,length=65CM

70=(3-6MYears) 80=(9-12MYears)
90=(18-24MYears) 100=(3TYears)
110=(4TYears) 120=(5TYears)
(for about 3M-5TYears)

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